Why You Need a Mentor

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By Jay O’Brien We’ve all received the calls, opened the letters, and deflected the in-person pitches. Real estate is perhaps one of the only industries that attains its workforce through blind recruiting rather than interviewing. It’s quite simply a numbers game for many brokerages, and the strategy becomes less about value creation for agents and more about the bait. How …

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3 Ways to Earn More Business than 99% of Your Competition

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If a seasoned agent hands you a phone book, or encourages blasting a neighborhood with postcards to get new business, it may be time to reconsider who you’re surrounding yourself with. However: There are three things you can do to make damn sure you are selling more real estate than 99 percent of the agents in your area.

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How to Earn 6 Figures in 1 Month

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By Jay O’Brien Now that I (maybe) caught your attention with such a money-hungry, eye-grabbing, cliché of a title, allow me to attempt to pave a thought process in your mind on how to achieve such an ambitious monetary goal without being too Robert Kiyosaki about it. First, focus on connecting the dots more than selling houses. Learn how to …

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What is the Key to Real Estate Success?

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By Jay O’Brien Are you new to the industry? Have you been in the real estate business for 25 years? Well, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice, professional, or anything in between because I have a little gem of advice that is applicable to everyone. Put yourself in the shoes of a consumer for a moment. Think about the …