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Real Estate is Sexy

Blog Contributor Being a REALTOR®, Business Challenges, Technology & Social Media 8 Comments

By Brooke Wolford Recently, I have noticed how often you see a character on TV playing a real estate agent or the several hundred reality shows about real estate.  It brings home the point that real estate has the interest of pretty much everyone.  You can’t turn on the news and not hear some sort of real estate-related story. Let’s …

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A Call to Action

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By Chris Nichols At his inaugural, NAR President Ron Phipps, issued a challenge to the members. He said, “We shouldn’t merely be the voice of real estate; we should be its architects and engineers.” I remember hearing those words and thinking about the responsibilities that architects and engineers have in the building process. Both refer regularly to a set of …

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Real Estate in 2011

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, Helpful Tools, Professional Development 7 Comments

By Brooke Wolford If you are reading this post and are still active in real estate, congratulations! You have survived a year of many challenges.  You can pat yourself on the back remember how hard your worked.  Feel a sense of accomplishment and embrace every challenge that was put in front of you. We faced many challenges.  We had good …