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Homeownership is Up Among Single Women. Could Targeted Financial Literacy be Why?

Lee Davenport, Ph.D Fair Housing, Working with Clients 1 Comment

By: Lee Davenport, Ph.D Recent data from well-known online mortgage marketplace has some wondering: Why might single women be buying more homes than single men? Well, to better answer that question, it is important to examine a little history to figure out how we got here. As Women’s History Month quickly approaches, this is as good a time as ever …

Make Fair Housing Your Superpower

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By Lee Davenport April is Fair Housing Month, but fair housing is important all year long. People who face denial of fair housing need our concerted efforts 365/24/7. Frankly, fair housing needs to be real estate professionals’ superpower. Yet, as I speak to brokers and agents throughout the United States, I hear that many are at a loss for how …

Building Wealth Through Homeownership

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By John Blom I’m often asked why I spend as much time as I do volunteering with the state (Washington REALTORS®) and National Association REALTORS®. There are many reasons, but perhaps the greatest is that I truly believe in the importance of  homeownership advocacy at every level. I believe in the value of owning a home, and that this opportunity …

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Utah REALTORS® Take Their Issues to the Hill

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By Chris Nichols   Approximately 60 REALTORS® from the state of Utah spent last Wednesday afternoon discussing issues vital to the housing market with their Congressional Delegation. The afternoon started with a state caucus meeting with Jamie Gregory, one of NAR’s chief lobbyists, walking us through the major talking points of the day. Then it was off to Capitol Hill …

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The American Dream

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By Subhi J. Gharbieh With everything that is currently going on in many parts of the Middle East, specifically Egypt, it really made me think about how blessed we are to live in this country. Being a first generation Palestinian-American, it hurts me to see what the Egyptian people are going through. But I am proud that they are standing …

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A Call to Action

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By Chris Nichols At his inaugural, NAR President Ron Phipps, issued a challenge to the members. He said, “We shouldn’t merely be the voice of real estate; we should be its architects and engineers.” I remember hearing those words and thinking about the responsibilities that architects and engineers have in the building process. Both refer regularly to a set of …

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Remind Consumers of Tax Benefits of Home Ownership

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Prospects waffling over the value of buying a home? Share the free article “7 Home Ownership Tax Advantages” from the REALTOR® Content Resource. At the REALTOR® Content Resource, you can share consumer articles directly to Facebook, Twitter, and email. You can also add them to your blog, website, or e-newsletter or even print them as handouts with your branding. Want …

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Finding the Gems Amongst the Naysayers

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By Nobu Hata An article recently came across my Twitterstream from which, punditry (and ‘Granted, I live in Manhattan…’ caveat) aside, is a pretty good read. Go ahead, it’s a short one, I’ll wait for you right here.  ( Where my and the writer’s opinion splits is that to me, a home DOES have sentimental value.  A house is …