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3 Surprises That Still Influence Housing (Un)Affordability

Lee Davenport, Ph.D Fair Housing 9 Comments

By: Lee Davenport, PhD In many parts of the nation, unaffordability is bringing the housing market to a stalemate. As real estate pros, we may not be able to directly alter interest rates (outside of our lobbying efforts) but we can impact how much money people have in their pockets in order to have the financial wherewithal to buy, sell …

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Finding the Gems Amongst the Naysayers

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, communication 2 Comments

By Nobu Hata An article recently came across my Twitterstream from which, punditry (and ‘Granted, I live in Manhattan…’ caveat) aside, is a pretty good read. Go ahead, it’s a short one, I’ll wait for you right here.  ( Where my and the writer’s opinion splits is that to me, a home DOES have sentimental value.  A house is …

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The Buy vs. Rent Debate: Why Buying Wins

Blog Contributor Promoting Home Ownership, Sales & Marketing 3 Comments

By Travis Broadwater Even though the federal tax credits have expired, it is still wiser to buy now than rent. Our clients get a tax write off and build appreciation instead of throwing money away each month.  Home prices are so affordable today it is a good time to take advantage of the buyer’s market conditions with low interest rates …