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Leverage LinkedIn to Build Your Real Estate Business

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Tezeta Roro

By: Tezeta Roro

Linkedin is the platform to access a digital Rolodex of high-earning individuals. In today’s internet-driven world, having a LinkedIn profile is a must for professionals. This means that you, too, should be on this platform to make quality connections and attract quality clients.

The good news is that if you use Facebook, Linkedin will be an easy platform to use. Like Facebook, Linkedin’s concept centers around a personal profile, groups, posts, sharing videos, writing articles, creating events, etc.

Your Profile

Before we go too much into the weeds, the first thing you should do is create a free profile and reach what is called the All-Star status. That simply means completing all of the fields when you create a profile. These fields include:

  • A headshot (make sure it is current!)
  • Your title
  • An about section or bio
  • Your experience (or job history)
  • Your education history
  • Any licenses & certifications


Linkedin is searchable. Like Google, users can type in what they’re looking for in the search bar, and Linkedin will aggregate a list of results. Here’s an example: if someone searches for a real estate agent in Indianapolis, Linkedin will bring up a list of everyone who has the terms “real estate agent” and “Indianapolis” in their profiles. Make sure you add your location to come up in search results when a user searches for someone of your expertise in your area.

Make it personal, too (within the bounds of a professional setting). You can also create a custom URL for your profile. You can even add the pronunciation of your name to your profile.

Ask for recommendations. Recommendations are Linkedin’s version of reviews or testimonials. Start asking your past clients to add their recommendations to your profile. You can request recommendations from your profile directly. You can also make it part of your closing process and add Linkedin to the list of places you’d like clients to leave recommendations.

Recently, Linkedin launched a “services” feature. You can use the feature to add any services you offer so that potential clients can see what’s available to them, so be sure to add real estate as one of your services.


Take the time to complete the above sections because Linkedin will make it easier for you to connect with those who already know, like, and trust you. This might include alums from your college, former colleagues, etc. Suppose you are new to Linkedin and want to be intentional about growing your platform. In that case, I suggest dedicating 30 mins a day to making new connections and interacting in a meaningful manner.

Five hundred connections is a good goal to go for on Linkedin. You want to be strategic in growing your connections, though. Make sure they are a well-rounded group of fellow agents and people in your industry, people you admire in business, and potential clients.  Over time, you will notice that when you share valuable and engaging content, people will start reaching out to connect with YOU.

It’s important to remember that we still have some events happening virtually, and it’s likely that we will for a while. Linkedin is a great practice to connect with speakers and folks you meet virtually to keep nurturing the relationship. The platform has both a desktop and app version, and downloading the app can help you be more intentional in adding folks to your network.

What to share on Linkedin

Facebook and Instagram are platforms that skew more casual and conversational. Typically, business and real estate related content you share on Facebook works well cross-shared on Linkedin. Often, if I make a post about trends in real estate (say interest rates or home office), I will likely share the same image, text or link on Linkedin. Just like any other platform, it is important to share your opinion or pose a question rather than simply sharing links or other people’s contents. In doing so, you position yourself as an expert in your industry. You can leverage some of NAR’s content as well as your local and state association’s content to start with. You can also share blog posts from your websites, spotlight local small businesses, and share job opportunities you find through your network.


Linkedin actually makes it super easy to engage on the platform, sometimes too easy! When your connections have a work anniversary or a birthday, Linkedin will alert you. The key is NOT to use the default phrases the platform gives you, as your connection will have received hundreds of the same effortless messages with a click of a button. I encourage you to customize those messages and you may be surprised at the meaningful conversation that may result in.

The Linkedin Psychology

There is a very interesting phenomenon I have observed on Linkedin. Because it is a professional platform and people are more intentional and perhaps cautious about how they interact on the platform (their employer, colleagues, etc., are also on it), most people will watch and observe but won’t interact with your content, so don’t be discouraged. You want to continue to create valuable content. The leads will come, and you won’t expect it most of the time. Many of the leads I receive through Linkedin are from connections I forgot I had. These connections weren’t active on the platform as far as commenting and interacting with my content, yet they watched and interviewed me the whole time. I also find that, folks on this platform have already decided to work with the person they have been watching. So when they reach out, they are not looking to interview many agents. They’ve narrowed it down to who they want already.


Here are some quick scripts you can use as you build up your Linkedin presence.


When asking to connect, instead of pressing the connect button, opt to personalize the connection request and use the below.

Hi [NAME]! It was great seeing you at XYZ! Looking forward to connecting and supporting each other’s efforts.

VIRTUAL Connection

Hi [NAME]! I enjoyed your presentation at XYZ! Looking forward to connecting and supporting each other’s efforts.

When Someone Views Your Profile

Consider sending them a message:

“Hi [NAME], thanks for connecting. What made you curious to check out my profile?

When Someone Sends a Connection Request

After you connect, consider sending them a message to learn more:

“Thank you for connecting with me. What made you want to connect?

Action Items

Once you set up your Linkedin profile and are ready to go, there are things you can do to make your profile stand out. These action items help you connect with others and also give you some leverage when it comes to credibility on the platform.

  • Reach “All Star” Profile status
  • Invest 30 mins a day connecting with 10 new quality connections to reach a goal of 500 total connections.
  • Engage with 2 posts/people a day-10 a week

You’re officially ready to go. Now, let’s connect on Linkedin!

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