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Customer Service: C.R.A.P.

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Randy Pereira

Randy Pereira

By Randy Pereira

Regardless of what we call ourselves; REALTOR®, Agent, Consultant, salesperson…  the bottom-line is, we are in a  “Customer Service” business.  Our service is what sets us apart in this field.

You can impress customers with the latest and greatest toys, perhaps even with the remarkable gift of gab.  However, at the end of the day, it is how well you serve your customer that leads to repeat business and/or referrals.

So what does all this “Customer Service: C.R.A.P.” mean…

C is for Communication: Lack of communication is always cited as a problem, especially in our industry.  Discuss what is to be expected communication-wise from you and your customers.  *Is your definition of a timely response really the same as your customers?

R is for Respect: Treat your customers with the same level of respect you would give your boss… let’s face it, they are!  If you need to quit, don’t burn your bridge in the process.

A is for Attention: Never be too busy to pay attention to the little details.  It is the little things we do in this business that add value.

P is for Pride: If you are going to do the job, take pride in your work.  Always look for ways to improve on a process, not just go through the motions.  Your customer is watching what you’re doing, and your next customer probably is, too!

We’ve all had terrible customer service experiences in our own lives.  Are you being that terrible experience for your customers? Hopefully these basic principles will help you, as they have for me.

Randy Pereira, ABR, is a real estate agent in the San Antonio, Texas area. Connect with him at his blog  www.trust2move.com, and/or Facebook at www.facebook.com/trust2move.homes.

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