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Know Your Role as a REALTOR®

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By Toby Boyce The couple slid through the front door, their faces painted with obvious pain and anguish over having to go through this all over again – and after talking to them, it became very obvious why. This was the first time I’d met the couple, but I was far from their first real estate agent who they’d viewed …

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Get Creative with Your Listings

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By Lynn Minnick I’ve been marketing the crazy out of a high-end listing.  (Yes, I’m fairly sure I just made up that expression…but this is about getting creative, right?)  This is easily the hardest I’ve ever worked to sell a listing.  In this market, I went in knowing it would be a challenge, armed with an arsenal of creative ideas …

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When to Break Up With a Client: Tales of the Indecisive Buyer

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By Brooke Wolford I recently decided to let go of a client. It was a really hard decision for me to have to tell a buyer that I couldn’t work with them anymore. In all, I had to weigh my options. When I had initially starting working with this buyer, it was after a big dispute with another agent in …

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Safety, Salesmanship, and the Anonymous Internet Lead

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, Safety, Working with Clients 3 Comments

By Michelle Flaherty A couple weeks ago, I received an e-mail from a person I didn’t know.  The person was inquiring on a property that another broker in my office had listed, and they wanted to set up an appointment to view it. So I did a few things I almost always do before I meet a new prospective client.  …