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Webster’s Word of the Year Applies Directly to Your Business

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By: Jennifer Weinberg

Merriam-Webster recently announced their word of the year for 2023: AUTHENTIC

According to the long-trusted dictionary resource, authentic has two definitions: 1. Not false or imitation; real, actual. 2. True to one’s own personality, spirit, or character.

Authenticity is a great word to reflect on as we move into the last couple of weeks of the year, and it’s one we should take with us into 2024 as we refine and move forward with our business. It’s not only important to how we live our lives, but it’s also vital to our industry. As practitioners of NAR’s Code of Ethics, authenticity is at the core of what we do and who we are. Speaking truthfully and working with factual data is how we conduct our business.

In your work, before you speak, write or otherwise correspond with someone, consider using the THINK acronym. Make sure that what you’re presenting to the world is

  • True
  • Helpful
  • Inspiring
  • Necessary
  • Kind

Above all though, Truth is the very first guideline we should follow before saying or writing anything.

The second definition of “authentic” speaks directly to your real estate brand. Do your marketing, photos and communications represent who you are? Are your core values and personality evident in your business? Being authentic means making a genuine connection with your clients and potential clients, and this starts with how you present yourself and your brand.

The New York Times further expands on authenticity in marketing: “authenticity lies in remembering your company’s mission and core values. It is rooted in understanding the consumer, following through on promises and being transparent in all efforts.”

Forbes also has a great article on being authentic in your marketing. One tip is to focus on value and education for the consumer. Don’t focus on making a sales pitch – show value to your clients by providing education on home-buying strategies and current real estate trends.

“Authentic” is a great word to carry you into 2024, especially as you review your 2023 goals and make plans for next year. What will be your word of the year for 2024?

Jennifer Weinberg is a licensed real estate professional. REALTOR® and partner in Living True Home Group at MW Real Estate Co in Nashville, TN. Living True Home Group empowers homeowners by offering real estate information and services in an approachable, compassionate and fun way. Their motto: No egos here. This women-led partnership makes sure all their clients feel listened to and cared for and well-informed.

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