Heads or Tails? Making Sense of a Shifting Market

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By Samantha Jones It’s no secret most of our markets rival the uncertainty of a roller coaster ride at an amusement park these days. Buyers expect to pay less; sellers don’t want to drop their prices. Pristine homes that should seemingly sell in hours, sit on the market stalled. Deals falling apart multiple times for the same client. You feel …

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Great Home or a Great Deal?

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By Jason O’Neil Are the two at odds with one another? I say yes. I begin each buyer consultation with the simple question: “Do you want a great deal or do you want a great home?” The responses are typical: “Both! Ha Ha Ha…I mean, can’t we get both?” “Uhhhhh. Great home?” “Somewhere between.” “Great home. Good deal. Is that …

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What Superbowl XLV Taught Me About My Real Estate Career

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By Laura Rubinchuk Millions of people tuned in last night to watch football, commercials, eat junk food and drink beer, or maybe you were just waiting to see when it would be over to catch the new episode of Glee.  Regardless of your motivations, the Superbowl is the largest television audience all year, giving advertisers the ability to spread their …