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Help Urban Area Sellers Boost Curb Appeal

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By: Alex Capozzolo Urban life typically means living in a condominium, townhome or apartment building. However, that doesn’t mean savvy homeowners can’t take proactive steps to enhance curb appeal. If you’re client is gearing up to sell their place in the city, there are several things you can recommend to them to improve urban curb appeal and make their home …

Key Tips to Give Your Website Curb Appeal

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By Anita Clark There are few things real estate agents understand better than curb appeal. It is one of the major factors motivating people to go into a house predisposed to buy. Curb appeal is one of the top factors that can shield a property from low-ball offers, and it’s one of the factors that help close the deal. As …

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Hit Pay Dirt: Tips on Landscaping for Curb Appeal

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By G. M. Filisko, contributing writer, HouseLogic Sellers have a lot of plates in the air during their home sale, and sometimes making their yard stand out is the plate that drops. Make sellers’ lawn-job easier with tips on landscaping for curb appeal from the June “Exterior Upgrades” package of articles now available at the REALTOR® Content Resource. Here are …