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3 Golden Rules for Dealing with Technology

Blog Contributor Professional Development, Technology & Social Media, Working with Clients 3 Comments

By Scott Newman With new communication and social media technology emerging everyday, it seems all you can do is try and stay on top of it all so you’re not left in the dust and viewed as “out of touch.” However, as we enter this new, super-connected world as real estate professionals, I think we need to make sure we …

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Be Careful of Real Estate ‘Blah, Blah, Blah’

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, communication, Homeownership Education & Counseling, Professional Development, Working with Clients 1 Comment

By Toby Boyce The question on my local NPR station was simple enough: “Why do symphonies sound different when they are made up of the same parts?”  The response was very eloquent and educated — I assume. It made as much sense as Pig Latin to me. “Well each one focuses on different things…” I’m sure that musicians in the …

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Simple and Successful Negotiation Tactics

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, communication, Helpful Tools, Professional Development 3 Comments

By Jennifer Klein Follow these two rules during any negotiation and you’ll find success! Jennifer Klein is a REALTOR® in Northern California who is experienced in short sales, investments, and property management. Connect with Jen at RosevilleAndRocklin.com, JenKlein.com, and @JenKleinSac.

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We All Have a Little Jay-Z in Our Brand

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, Personal Fulfillment, Professional Development 1 Comment

By Lincoln  Crum One of the people I admire so much these days is the hip hop star, music executive, and social entrepreneur Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter.  Jay-Z has worked tirelessly in building a brand of “him.”  The elements that stand out to me is his ability to build a brand around his artistic talents, which equate into business deals and …