Stop Building Your Own Real Estate Brand—You’re Wasting Your Time and Money

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By Alex Craig What if everything you have been led to believe about building a real estate brand is wrong? At least wrong for you. I cringe inside every time I hear somebody suggest that real estate branding can be a magic pill that will separate you from the thousands of other agents in your market and help you get …

QUIZ: Will Your Social Media Ads Land You in a Hot Mess?

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*The quiz closed on Aug. 29, 2019. Thank you to the 1,830 people who participated! By Lee Davenport Are you still stuck in the vortex of what I call the “wild, wild west” of social media? That’s a dangerous place for your business to stay. The “wild, wild west” of social media was a time when anything and everything seems …

4 Real Estate Marketing Dos and Don’ts

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By Drew Heasley I want to share some smart and efficient ways to spend your precious marketing dollars, as well as some tips for avoiding high-cost, low-producing marketing. The key is to find the marketing plan that works for you and stick with it. 1. Don’t sign a contract for a marketing program. You should never have to sign a …

Caveat Emptor: Lessons Learned from Tax Season

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By Samantha Jones Every year, Uncle Sam comes calling like clockwork in the spring. In the midst of our crazy spring market no less, and then comes the sticker shock. The inevitable cringing at how much I spent to run my business last year. At the end of the day, we are small business owners after all. It does take …

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You Can’t Pay for Experience

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By Brooke Wolford In the past year since I started my real estate marketing company Organamx, I’ve noticed one growing trend: Many people have the notion that you can pay to somehow prove that you’re successful. While you can pay for an amazing website, for placement on Google, and even for leads, spending money will never prove that you have …

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How to Build A High Performance Real Estate Team

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By Dave Robison When I first got into this business, I was immediately struck by the enigma that is a real estate team. No matter how closely teams resemble one another on paper, real estate teams will always vary in terms of production. Take two teams of five agents each, and even though experience level or age or any of …

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Smart Marketing: Makes All the Difference

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By Dave Robison The Average Marketing Scenario A couple years ago a loan officer asked me a brilliant question that they should have asked themselves before they spent $30,000 on a failed marketing campaign. “Dave, I have had a billboard for the past year on I-15 and I don’t get any calls off of it.  What is going on?”  I …

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7 Offline Marketing Ideas (Part II)

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By David Krichmar And now for  Part 2.  (Check out part 1 here.) 4. Magnet Sign– “No one has ever called off a car magnet.” Really?  Ask around your office — someone has gotten a deal off their magnet sign on their car.  Get a nice and easy-to-read magnet for your car.  Heck, how else can someone tell you sell …

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Mid-REALTOR® Crisis: The Axe Effect

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By Toby Boyce We’ve all seen the advertisements on television. The more Axe bodywash you use, the more female attention you are going to get. Well, I recently conducted a not-at-all scientific experiment and wore Axe body wash to the library. A couple of girls and guys smiled at me, but I was really disappointed as I expected there to …

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Growing Your Sphere & Business With Low Costs

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By Dave Robison About 10 years ago when I started advertising online, I knew I only had a few years before the rest of the world caught up.  When I first broke out my SEO and PPC campaign, I was paying $1,000 a month.  It gave me heartburn at the time, but my business grew and flourished. That first month …