Questions to Ask When You Want to Generate More Business

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By Lee Davenport What are you learning that’s new? If you are stuck in the loop of your daily grind, then consider the beginning of the year as a perfect time to shake up the doldrums with something that will grow your business. But how do you know what you don’t know? Reflect on these questions to help: Lead Generation …

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Conference Virgin? I Think You’re Ready.

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By Anand Patel With conference season in full swing, I have met many new and seasoned real estate professionals debating if conferences are worth attending at all. For newer agents—the conference virgins—they look at the cost and automatically dismiss the events as too expensive to even consider. Some seasoned agents—those that have gotten rusty at it—are “too busy” to waste …

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5 Ways to Keep in Touch with Past, Current, and Future Clients

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By David Krichmar Any time you come in contact someone who needs a REALTOR®, you should add them to your database.  Trust me, I know this idea in itself is not brilliant.  Once you have a database, how do you keep in touch with those clients? The key to having a database is to stay in touch with past clients, …

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What Can We Learn From bin Laden’s Death?

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By Jared James We are only a few days removed from the Navy Seals finally tracking down Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, and while so many are focused on the world reaction, I would like to take a different view as to what this event can teach us as sales people in regards to proper follow-up with prospective clients. I …

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What? Your House is on the Market with Someone Else?!?

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By Jared James Tell me that you have not ever had the experience of being fully committed to someone else, passing all of your leads to them, only to look on the MLS one day to see that they have listed their house through some other REALTOR®. Is there anything more frustrating in the world? Well, of course there is. …