A Communications Plan Helps Agents Deliver Value to Clients

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By Chirag Shah Communication is not only the lifeline in any relationship: It’s what separates the average from the exceptional real estate salesperson. Delivering an outstanding client experience is as important as all the marketing you will do to sell a client’s property. As professionals in a service industry, we must strive to create a rewarding client experience as well as achieve the …

New Year’s Resolutions: 3 Weeks or 365 Days?

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By Rebecca Donatelli Every year we all sit down and make a list of New Year’s resolutions that we swear we are going to stick by for the entire year. They usually look something like this: 1. Start keto diet 2. Go to gym four days a week 3. Lose 30 pounds 4. Double sales volume 5. Save money 6. …

Advice From a 2018 30 Under 30 Honoree

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By Santino Filipelli I was recently named a 2018 30 Under 30. Is it crazy that I didn’t know what 30 Under 30 was until early September 2017? No? How about after being in the industry for seven years, owning two brokerages, and managing about 20 agents? The fact is, I only became aware of REALTOR® Magazine’s program just months …

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Cracking Necks, Setting Expectations

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By Toby Boyce The sun rose over the eastern sky as my alarm went off on what was quite the unusual March morning. Well beyond the fact that it was nearly 50 degrees, I decided to take my wife’s advice and go to the neurologist and chiropractor after six days of constant migraines. As I sat in the chiropractor’s office, …

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5 Tips to Help You Shoot a Successful Video Tour

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By Subhi J. Gharbieh It is very obvious that the Internet has drastically changed the way we do business as REALTORS®. According to the 2010 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 99 percent of buyers started their home search online. With that said, all the media that we display online can have a great say in whether a buyer …

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Stop, Drop, and Roll … Or Something Like That

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By Toby Boyce I rolled up on the house like I always do, peering at addresses to verify the location with where the GPS was placing the destination. However, this time I missed the house. And that’s where this story took a possibly tragic detour. With four years of experience processing broker price opinions I’ve developed a safety routine that …

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Don’t Just ‘Wing It’

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By Jeremy Williams When meeting with one of our top-producing REALTORS® today, the topics covered made me think about how often both seasoned agents and new agents try to “wing it” when it comes to their businesses.  Taking this approach can lead to undue stress and burnout if not addressed quickly.  It can lead to the question, “Why am I …

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Is Any Publicity Good Publicity?

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By Toby Boyce In my prior life I spent eight years working in higher education public relations where I heard over and over again that “any publicity is good publicity.” But I’ve never understood it. A football team has the longest losing streak in the nation can get publicity, but is it good? However, I whole-heartedly agree that any publicity …