The Complexities of Gentrification

Kayla Johnson Fair Housing 2 Comments

By: Kayla Johnson Gentrification is a complex and often controversial topic in real estate and urban development. It refers to the transformation of a neighborhood or community, typically in urban areas, where new, often more affluent residents move in. This often leads to changes in the character and the socioeconomic makeup of the area. The process is characterized by several …

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Time Management Tips for the Holiday Season

Jennifer Weinberg Work/Life Balance 1 Comment

By: Jennifer Weinberg Does anyone else feel like the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day goes by in a blur? We’re in the thick of December and there are office parties, school dress-up days, gift buying (and wrapping and shipping), volunteering and—oh, and yes, working! A flexible schedule hardly feels “flexible” this time of year. How can real estate …

The 2023 Network of the Year Award Winners are In

Nicole Slaughter Graham NAR Annual Conference and Expo, Young Pros in the Spotlight Leave a Comment

By: Nicole Slaughter Graham The 2023 NAR NXT conference, held in Anaheim, Calif., boasted (mostly) beautiful weather and amassed over 12,000 attendees. YPN showed up strong, as expected, boasting gains in membership, new networks and visits from the Advisory Board to state and local networks across the country. This year’s Network of the Year winners put in tremendous work, providing …

Need Help? Bring an Advisory Board Member to Your YPN

Nicole Slaughter Graham NAR Annual Conference and Expo, YPN Chapters, YPN Events, YPN groups Leave a Comment

By: Nicole Slaughter Graham YPN’s trajectory continues with forward momentum gained in 2023 despite a challenging market and industry unknowns. At this year’s NAR NXT conference in Anaheim, Calif., the advisory board reported growth in the number of members and networks, as well as increased engagement in advocacy. The board reported 14 new networks established and seven networks that had …

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How Mortgage Brokers Help Real Estate Agents Win

Blog Contributor Mortgage Financing 2 Comments

By: Want to strengthen your professional relationships, expand your referral network and get to the closing table faster so you can get paid sooner? As a new real estate professional, you can set yourself up for early success by partnering with an independent mortgage broker in your area. Here’s how they can help you win more clients: Quicker Turn-Around …

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3 Surprises That Still Influence Housing (Un)Affordability

Lee Davenport, Ph.D Fair Housing 9 Comments

By: Lee Davenport, PhD In many parts of the nation, unaffordability is bringing the housing market to a stalemate. As real estate pros, we may not be able to directly alter interest rates (outside of our lobbying efforts) but we can impact how much money people have in their pockets in order to have the financial wherewithal to buy, sell …

How to Build Your Real Estate Brand

Robert Gideon Marketing 1 Comment

By: Robert Gideon Building a successful real estate brand isn’t just a step; it’s your key to unlocking doors, literally and figuratively. In this guide, we’ll provide a step-by-step approach for establishing your brand while emphasizing the importance of nurturing relationships and using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Define Your Brand Identity Let’s kickstart your journey with the basics …

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A Primer on the NAR Spire Program and How it Helps Your Business

Ahmed Islam Mentoring, Networking 4 Comments

By: Ahmed Islam It’s well-known that most new real estate agents don’t make it past the 5-year mark in the business. To the outside world, real estate seems like an easy job, but any professional in the business knows otherwise. One of the top ways for new agents to succeed is by learning from someone who’s been in the business …

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Finding Your Niche in Residential Real Estate: A Guide for New Agents

Robert Gideon Sales & Marketing 1 Comment

By: Robert Gideon You’ve earned your license. You’ve sent out handwritten notes. You’ve got your CRM of choice operational and you’ve gleefully stumbled through your first few transactions. Now what? Now, it’s crucial to find your niche so you can stand out in this competitive industry. There are several niches in the residential space. You could choose one by determining …

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What You Need to Know About Condo Sales

Marcelo Steinmander Buyers, Condominiums 2 Comments

By: Marcelo Steinmander Contrary to what you might think or have been told (or read somewhere), buying a condominium unit is not complicated. If done right, the transaction should feel similar to buying other residential real estate. True, there are specifics to take into consideration with condos that should not be ignored, but none of them should make the process …