How to Overcome the ‘Too Young’ Objection in Real Estate

Alex Craig Sales & Marketing, Sellers, Working with Clients 4 Comments

By: Alex Craig Being young in real estate can sometimes be a barrier or hurdle to getting clients—but it doesn’t have to be. You can overcome feeling “too young” or clients choosing another agent simply because they believe you’re “too young” to help them buy or sell a home. I was 25 when I got started in real estate. I …

3 generation Family at home

Homecoming: A Journey Through Multigenerational Living

Kayla Johnson Fair Housing Leave a Comment

By: Kayla Johnson Imagine walking into a home where the walls echo with laughter from generations past, where every corner tells a story of determination, love and belonging. Multigenerational housing among people of color is a vibrant tapestry woven with cultural traditions, economic realities and social bonds. In communities across the globe, multigenerational living isn’t just a choice; it’s a …

Mindset Reset: Taking Care of Yourself as an Entrepreneur

Khalid N. Bryan Work/Life Balance 1 Comment

By: Khalid Bryan As a real estate professional, you are an entrepreneur. Being a business owner is not easy on the mind. The traditional job isn’t either, but there are unique challenges that entrepreneurs face—lack of a steady paycheck, being the marketer, the accountant and the manager—that don’t exist in the traditional workforce. There are also unique challenges faced in …

Multiracial male and female colleagues having dinner during garden party

How to Network Better So Your Business Can Thrive

Esther Victoria Toribio Networking 5 Comments

By: Esther Victoria Toribio What thought(s) come to mind when the word “networking” appears? To me, the word networking is often paired with alcoholic beverages, light appetizers and in turn results in a social event between many individuals, most of whom already know each other. These types of events make it difficult for a new person to make any headway …

Brown woman with beautiful afro unpacking her favorite books in her new home.

Homeownership is Up Among Single Women. Could Targeted Financial Literacy be Why?

Lee Davenport, Ph.D Fair Housing, Working with Clients 1 Comment

By: Lee Davenport, Ph.D Recent data from well-known online mortgage marketplace has some wondering: Why might single women be buying more homes than single men? Well, to better answer that question, it is important to examine a little history to figure out how we got here. As Women’s History Month quickly approaches, this is as good a time as ever …

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Moving Tips to Help Your Clients Selling Large Properties

Alex Capozzolo Sellers, Working with Clients 4 Comments

By: Alex Capozzolo People decide to move for all sorts of reasons. They might be ready to move into their dream neighborhood or are looking for something a little closer to work to curb their commute. For some who are in a different phase in life, downsizing might be the reason. Moving is anxiety-inducing enough as it is, but selling …

Meeting with her client one-on-one, the mid adult counselor gestures toward her unrecognizable female client.

Guiding Home Journeys with Heart: Leading with Empathy in Real Estate

Kayla Johnson Working with Clients Leave a Comment

By: Kayla Johnson Welcome to the world where bricks and dreams collide: the dynamic realm of real estate. In this bustling industry, leading with empathy is not just a “nice to have.” Tt’s the cornerstone for forging robust connections, understanding client needs and fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere. The reality is that we as real estate professionals are guiding …

2024 new year goal plan action with target icons, Business plan, financial plan and strategies. Annual plan and development for achieving golas. Goal achievement and success in 2024. Vector illustrator set.

Create an Action Plan Around Your 2024 Business Goals

Matt Clements Professionalism 2 Comments

By: Matt Clements If you’re reading this, and you’ve made goals for 2024, that means it’s implementation time. If, however, you haven’t made your goals, grab a piece of paper or a notes app and go ahead and jot a few things down. The trick to getting goals down on paper is to not overthink it. Goals should be pretty …

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Real Estate Lessons Learned in 2023

Jennifer Weinberg Professional Development 5 Comments

By: Jennifer Weinberg I think I speak for most of us when I say “Don’t let the door kick ya on the way out, 2023!”  After a whirlwind few years of pandemic migration, buyer frenzy and super low interest rates, things got real in 2023. If you entered into the business in the last few years, 2023 probably felt like …

Can Real Estate Professionals Take a Digital Break? Experts Say Yes

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By: Leandra Beabout Editor’s note: This article was re-posted from the Wellness section of NAR’s digital REALTOR® Magazine. Do you have a complicated relationship with your phone? You’re not alone. A whopping 30% of American adults report being online “almost constantly,” according to data(link is external) from the Pew Research Center. Unfortunately, scientific research(link is external) makes it abundantly clear that too much …